So much for Batman's first official trip outside of Gotham City. Some folks are all up in arms over production on The Dark Knight currently taking place in Hong Kong. Apparently, producers on the film sent a letter to tenants and management companies in 60 buildings asking everyone to keep their lights on while filming was taking place to, ya know, make the scene prettier. Of course, environmentalists are all ticked off, claiming this isn't the right message to send when the entire world (including Hong Kong) are trying to reduce energy consumption. A project manager for a conservation group had this to say: "We welcome the filming of Batman in Hong Kong, but why do we need to keep the lights on to make the backdrop? It seems like film-making is coming before environmental protection."

Cinematical was unable to reach anyone from The Dark Knight, so we'll speculate and imagine their answer might come in the form of: "Yeah, but don't you want the city to look pretty? It's sooooo pretty when all the lights are on." The light issue is just one of many that have plagued production overseas. Just recently, a scene which was supposed to feature Batman dropping from a plane into a harbor was cut after producers learned the water could pose a health risk. Sounds fairly reasonable, but isn't the Bat-Suit supposed to protect Batman from bullets, punches, kicks -- you're telling me the dude can't get wet? The Dark Knight is scheduled to arrive in theaters on July 18 ... with or without the lights on.

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