The American Film Market, an annual event dedicated specifically to the wheeling-and-dealing aspect of the independent film industry, ends today. Gay-themed films occupy a major niche in the indie market, and two distributors that generally focus on that genre -- Wolfe Video and TLA Releasing -- grabbed several titles at this year's AFM. Here's an alphabetical rundown:
  • Chuecatown, a Spanish dark comedy that TLA will release as Boystown, is about a real estate agent trying to create an upscale "gayborhood" by killing off the old ladies who live there and fixing up their apartments to attract gay couples. TLA plans to release the film on DVD late next year.
  • I Dreamt Under the Water (J'ai rêvé sous l'eau) is a French drama about a man "on the quest for love in northern Paris and its adjoining suburbs," according to TLA's press release. Details beyond that are vague, except that he finds violence, carnality, and tenderness, at least two of which are the kind of thing you'd expect to find in northern Paris. It's the first feature by single-named Hormoz and is based on his 2005 short film of the same name. TLA bought all rights, including theatrical.
  • Love My Life is a Japanese lesbian romance based on a comic book. I'm pretty sure I've never described a film in those words before. Wolfe Video got this one.
  • Socket is another film in a narrow genre: gay horror sci-fi! It involves a "support group" for people who have survived major lightning strikes -- except what they're doing at these meetings is jolting themselves with more electricity for thrills. Death, murder, and gay romance ensue. TLA will send it to DVD in March.
  • Spider Lillies, acquired by Wolfe Video, is another lesbian romance, this time from Taiwan. It won the Teddy Award (a category for gay films) at this year's Berlin International Film Festival.
  • Surveillance, also a Wolfe acquisition, is a British thriller about a man accused of having an affair with a prince. No resemblance to any real British princes, I'm sure.
  • Wolfe's last buy is You Belong to Me, an American thriller about a gay man who moves into an apartment building where murder may be afoot. Variety's Dennis Harvey reviewed it positively when it played at the San Francisco Lesbian & Gay Film Festival earlier this year.
[Wolfe news via IndieWIRE.]
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