If you're ever lucky enough to go to The Museum of Television and Radio in either Beverly Hills or New York City, be sure you request some old shows from the stacks and watch them in one of the study stations. A few years ago, my best friend and I were doing just that. Typically we'd fast-forward through the commercials, but her eagle eye spied Brad Pitt in this surfer-themed, LA-set Pringles commercial, and our mouths dropped. Not because we had the "fever for the flavor of a Pringles" either.

Now, if this thing doesn't scream 1980s, then I don't know what does. Check out the garish colors, the lightning fast cuts, and the hairdos. They even walk like an Egyptian with their surfboard, before eating all of the bikini babes' Pringles and then leaving the scene. Yikes. Pitt gets more facetime than the other male models in the commercial; could this be the vehicle that launched him into hearthrobbery? Perhaps only archaeologists who unearth this information in the future will be able to tell.
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