**The above video, found on YouTube, comes with the title: Writers Strike Dance. The writer in the video claims he broke into the industry a long time ago with a spec script about a female private eye that later became a series. He calls this his "dance of pain."

Day 3. TV shows go dark. Actors and writers unite on picket lines. Movie news continues to dwindle down ... and down ... and down ... until, eventually, I'll be forced to write the following post: "Hey, whatever happened to Paul Reiser?" The folks over at IGN had a chance to mingle with the strikers yesterday, and among them they found writer-producer-director Judd Apatow (The 40 Year Old Virgin). Apatow, who's still putting the finishing touches on Walk Hard, said that he wasn't currently writing and had plenty of time to picket with his fellow scribes. When asked how he would describe the strike to the general public, Apatow replied, "Here's how I would explain it: If you're a teamster, you get paid to drive a truck. But if someone invents a new kind of truck, and you're still driving it, you should still get paid. We're switching trucks at this point. But if someone comes up with a three wheel truck, you're still driving!"

Apatow then went on to vent his frustration over the entire "new media" issue, and how AMPTP refuses to pay writers for content they steam online. "I think that there seems to be some argument that it's too complicated to figure out. But there's content - You can decide that people get paid based on how much you charge for it or for how many people see it. It doesn't seem that complicated to me. There are low budget movies and writers get paid less if the budget's very low. Over a certain budget, there's a different minimum. It all can be figured out if people want to figure it out." But that's the thing -- it doesn't seem some people want to figure it out ...

For another take on the issue, Ex-Disney chief Michael Eisner thinks the writers are "stupid" for going on strike now. He says, "For a writer to give up today's money for a non-existent piece of the future -- they should do it in three years, shouldn't be doing it now ...they are misguided they should not have gone on the strike -- I've seen stupid strikes, I've seen less stupid strikes and this strike is just a stupid strike."

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