Back in October, Woody Allenchanged the title of his next shrouded-in-secrecy film from Midnight in Barcelona to Vicky Cristina Barcelona. While it's not the choice I would have made, considering the 473 titles that the new Rambo flick went through, there's a chance it will get changed again. However, beyond bits of news like that, word on the production has been pretty meager. We know it's about a painter who gets interested in some American tourists, and that his jealous ex isn't too happy about this. Now the painter, one Mr. Javier Bardem, has spoken with MTV about the title of the film and his artsy role in Woody's first bilingual production.

As he confirms, the title comes from the names of the two tourists, Rebecca Hall and Scarlett Johansson's characters. As Bardem describes it: "[They're] the two girls that go to our salon; but I don't know if that is going to be the final title or not." I imagine the "our" is Bardem's character and his ex, played by Penélope Cruz. Early reports have suggested that Cruz is his ex-girlfriend, but Javier says she's his ex-wife in the triangle, but also notes that "it is much more than that."

He paints in the film (Anyone want to make bets that he'll partake in some risque American tourist nudes?), and says he got inspiration for his role from the man who painted the works in the film, as well as from director and artist Julian Schnabel, who worked with him on Before Night Falls. But if you're one of the people allergic to subtitles, he also discusses just how bilingual the film is. While most of his lines are in Spanish, he explains: "It has both, Spanish and English, but most of the time English." We'll get to see what Woody makes of his love for Barcelona some time next year.
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