Rumors had been spreading throughout these internets for quite awhile that the character of Christopher Pike would play some sort of role in the upcoming Star Trek XI. Pike, as some of you may or may not know, was the first Enterprise captain before Kirk; he was featured in the TV show's unaired rejected pilot, then re-surfaced later on during a two-part episode where his backstory was explained. The Hollywood Reporter tells us Bruce Greenwood has landed the part, and while you might not recognize the name, dude's been around the block and then some. Greenwood, who most recently played two parts in Todd Haynes' I'm Not There, also has a role in the upcoming National Treasure: Book of Secrets and has played parts in the HBO show John from Cincinnati as well as a number of films over the years.

Pike was first played by Jeffrey Hunter in the pilot, and then by Sean Kenney in a two-parter called The Menagerie. In that episode, Pike is confined to a wheelchair due to a previous accident that found him trying to rescue cadets from a baffle plate rupture onboard a J-class training vessel (thanks Wikipedia!). The film will most likely take place much earlier than that episode however, because Kirk is already captain at that point. Originally, Spock had served with Pike for more than a decade. Greenwood looks like he'd play a good Pike; then again, I'm not a huge Trekkie and never watched either of those episodes ... so what do I know? What do you think? Should they have gone after a bigger name for the role of Pike? Should Pike be in the film? And how big of a part do you think he should play?

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