I thought long and hard on whether we should post this because, frankly, this promotional trailer doesn't excite me too much. I thought, ya know, the actual official trailer will probably be so much better -- with more work put into it, better editing, better sound mixing, etc -- that we should save our time and energy for that. But ... I just couldn't do it. It's Pacino, De Niro ... 50 Cent ... I can't hold stuff like that back on you fine folks. That said, the peeps over at cinemanotize (could be a huge site, never heard of them until now) got their hands on what looks like a promotional trailer for Righteous Kill, the film we shared pictures of yesterday. Don't know where they got it, don't know whether it's supposed to be out there yet -- don't know jack. I do know that it's kind of like that promotional trailer for Valkyrie, only not as good.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed watching De Niro throw on his "Goodfellas" face at the end (shows the guy's still got a set; know what I mean), but the friggin' thing is so choppy and all over the place, it's hard to get a read on it. We fly from scene to scene (some from the film, some behind the scenes); several shots of Pacino, De Niro -- titles comes flying at us -- De Niro looks mad and it's over. And the titles? "Two Screen Legends ... Starring Together As Never Before." What do they mean by that? "As Never Before?" But they starred in Heat together. That was ... before, I think. And why do they have to keep making such a big friggin' deal about the Pacino/De Niro pairing? Can't they just go? Can't they just get on with it, produce a kickass movie and let us decide whether them starring together was a blessing or a gigantic mistake? I don't know ... what do you think? Maybe I'm just bitter.

[via Slashfilm]