Guillermo del Toro is the champion, my friends. Or rather, Variety has reported that del Toro will write, direct and produce a science-fiction action film called Champions -- based on the '60s spy series, The Champions. The premise: a plane carrying a group of secret government agents crashes. Usually. this would mean bad things. In lateral thinking puzzles, planes crash on borders and bring up the problem of burying survivors. In real life and on film, a downed plane could also mean a scary case of cannibalism. But the champions, they somehow got the plane-crash jackpot.

As the premise goes on the television series, three agents crash into the Himalayas. Lucky for them, they don't have to eat each other to stay alive -- they are rescued by a secret civilization. Instead of just saving their lives, the rescuers give the agents superhuman powers like ESP, precognition, and enhanced physical abilities, and then they send the group out to be "Champions of law, order, and justice." It's like The Greatest American Hero...just without the sexy suit, manual, and aliens. I'm not quite sure how I missed the original show, but it starred long-time General Hospital star Stuart Damon, Alexandra Bastedo, and William Gaunt. This could be one sweet production... What do you think?
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