Juno director Jason Reitman has been busy hopping the globe, with his film showing at more festivals than you can count as it nears its big premiere date. Oscar sugarplums have got to be dancing in Reitman's head as his second feature film continues to do well with critics and audiences alike. Reitman is keeping a blog as he travels around for Juno, and he's rumored to love getting comments from fans who read it. In a recent entry, Reitman rants about Saturday Night Fever, which he recently saw for the first time in his hotel room in London.

Criticizing a classic can be dicey, but Reitman bravely takes on the disco drama, breaking down the film's high (and low) lights and telling readers exactly why he thinks this film is a piece of crap:

Am I the only one who thinks this movie totally blows? All that wide angle shooting is really wonky. Everyone's acting like they're on a bad rip-off of "All in the Family". The love interests are not that attractive. The highlight is perhaps a cameo by Fran Dresher... which says a lot.

I checked out Saturday Night Fever's Rotten Tomatoes rating and found it sits at an impressive 97% -- not too shabby, which surprised me, as I've never been enamored of it. Juno is sitting pretty too, with a 100% fresh rating, so I don't think Reitman's suffering from professional jealousy. Reitman also talks about getting the news during his daughter's first birthday party that Juno had won at the Rome Film Festival. The film swept three categories -- the youth jury, the adult jury, and ... a psychologist's association. Well, that's cool -- I guess that means that watching Juno won't screw you up for life or anything.

Oh, and Reitman also talks about meeting up with Darjeeling Limited star Jason Schwartzman when he was in London ... how would it be for Schwartzman to star in a Reitman film? Go check out Reitman's blog for yourself, and be sure to leave him a shout-out.