We're not going to overload you with writers strike news because it's shaping up to be a marathon, not a race. Here are some delicious new updates (including a video up top which uses colorful little pie charts to help better explain the writer's point of view):

Day 4.The rebels have set up a new base on planet New York City, and when a young Jedi by the name of Robin Williams shows up with free bagels, folks begin to question his loyalty ...

Yes, the celebs were out in full force today showing Los Angeles that New York is perfectly capable of providing some top notch talent to walk the picket lines too. The writers have now set up camp in Columbus Circle, in front of the Time Warner building, and a number of NY-based stars showed up to lend their support. The Hollywood Reporter tells us that Robin Williams was there with free bagels! Free f**king bagels! Joining him were fellow Justice League SAG members Tim Robbins, Julianne Moore, Seth Myers (SNL) and Sopranos creator David Chase (who, unfortunately, turned down the chance to write an ending for the strike). Gone was the inflatable rat, which has been replaced by an equally-as-large (and meaner) "greedy" pink pig. Next up, an inflatable Jabba the Hutt. Watch for it!

No new talks between the WGA and AMPTP are scheduled, but Variety claims both sides were close to a deal before talks fell apart last Sunday. What would it take to get them both in the same room again? Personally, I'd start with some Tequila and a hug. But that's me. Blogger Nikki Finke continues to pound the pavement, digging up quotes, photos and information that she publishes, non-stop, daily. By the time the strike is over, she'll either a) wind up with a daytime show on Fox or b) explode. Either way, she'll need a lot of help when it comes time to kick that strike addiction.

[video via The Hot Blog]

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