While Juliette Binoche has had her share of diverse roles, I have to say that I never thought one of them would be a role in Dan in Real Life, where she dates Dane Cook, and presumably, Steve Carell. Nor would I have ever thought that along with this role, she'd be baring all. If you're a fan of foreign, nude, woman bits, you've probably heard about Binoche gracing the cover of the French version of Playboy. When word was released last month, horny men (or as Film Stew creatively calls them: "collectors and admirers of the female form") were fluttering with excitement.

That excitement has paved the way for disappointment. While the cover, which you can see to the right, has Binoche looking all nude, sexy, and aroused -- she made sure the inside wasn't quite so clear. See, the actress insisted that her inside photos be modified. This doesn't sound too surprising, given the amount of airbrushing that goes on these days, but she wasn't requesting a pimple removed here, or mole removed there. Binoche wanted her photos blurred until they looked more like abstract art than plain, naked photos of herself. Why? She says: "modeling naked for Playboy was equally an act of universal love as well as a feminist act of militancy to change the world."

I never realized nudity was an act of "universal love." I wonder then: if we all stripped nude and posted pictures of ourselves online, would we finally have world peace? Secondly, I highly doubt disappointing some Playboy readers is a militant act to change the world. I understand her motivations, but not her process. Nevertheless, it should bode well for the magazine. Even with the blur, the issues have sold out, and this seems to be working with editor Yan Ceh's plan to make it more high-brow.

But I ask you: What's the goofiest militant act or piece of activism that you've spotted lately?
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