Imagine living on a secret tropical island, chilling with a marine iguana, a sea turtle, and a sea lion, playing Swiss Family Robinson, and still having electricity to interact with the outside world on the Internet. (Granted, the last part doesn't really make sense -- how do you have net access with an island no one knows exist? Do you lay cables yourself?) While it's definitely not my cup of everyday tea, the situation makes for a pretty cool adventure, and a sweet gig for the uber-cute and talented Abigail Breslin.

Little Miss Sunshine recently wrapped filming Nim's Island, and USA Today has a first look at the production, which sees Breslin and Jodie Foster swinging through the trees and Gerard Butler looking like a pouty Indiana Jones. Based on the illustrated children's book by Wendy Orr and Kerry Millard, Nim's is about a girl and her marine biologist dad, who live on a secret island in paradise. Dad's ship gets lost at sea, and alone, she turns to e-mail and gets help from Alex Rover, an explorer and literary alter ego of a reclusive author (Foster). Butler plays both the dad and the imaginary Rover; as he explains: "When Nim reads a book about Alex Rover, suddenly I'm in an Arabian desert with evil captors, or I'm being tied up by African tribesmen." The 300 star sports his own Scottish accent for Alex, but throws on an American one to play dad. The tropical family film will hit theaters in April.
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