Before Phil Collins, and sleepy lambs on Broadway, Genesis' beats were pounded by founding drummer Chris Stewart. However, the guy wasn't into becoming a musician and left the band before they hit it big. It's probably a good thing because he also likes to be out of the spotlight -- so much so that after working and traveling through Europe, Stewart set up shop in a remote region of Andalusia, Spain. His experiences there inspired a book, Driving Over Lemons: An Optimist in Spain, which Variety reports has been picked up by Jaleo Films for a film adaptation.

Jaleo founder and producer Alvaro Alonso says: "We want to stress the point of view of a foreigner, an Englishman, confronted by another culture, with all that that implies." Well, this tale isn't just about culture shock, it's about a guy who must be one heck of a good sport and optimist. The guy settles in a house that has no electricity, running water, or even access to roads. (Which makes me really curious how he found the place!) So, he becomes a farmer and is faced with all sorts of things that would be enough of a horror on their own -- scorpions, language issues, droughts and flooding, slaughter rituals -- you name it. The project is already enough to convince me of how much I love my city life, but I imagine it should be a pretty interesting film to boot. And heck, maybe he can chat up some old friends and get one kickass, old-school Genesis soundtrack to go with it.
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