The Police have been on a widely acclaimed reunion tour this year, and now it looks like a documentary about the iconic '80s rock band is in the works, thanks mainly to the efforts of guitarist Andy Summers. He published a memoir last year called One Train Later, and The Hollywood Reportersays camera crews have been filming the current tour to get footage for the doc.

The film is being produced by Bob Yari, Norm Golightly, Brett Morgen, and Nicolas Cage (?!), and Tupac: Resurrection director Lauren Lazin is in talks to direct. Apparently shooting concert footage doesn't require a director, because the producers have already taken care of it.

The plan is that Summers will narrate the film, which will tell the whole Police story from the beginning, as well as Summers' own story. (Did you know he existed before The Police? He did!) Summers is an avid photographer and has snapped some 25,000 pictures over the decades. These would be used extensively in the doc. It's not clear from the Hollywood Reporter article whether there would be new interviews with the band members or not.

I love The Police, but I'm nervous about this documentary, simply because the drummer, Stewart Copeland, already made one, and it was terrible. Called Everyone Stares: The Police Inside Out, it premiered at Sundance in 2006. It was essentially 75 minutes of Copeland's home movies (Summers takes pictures; Copeland loves video cameras), narrated by Copeland and offering absolutely no insight whatsoever into the band. It was boring, like watching 75 minutes of anyone's home movies would be.

Hopefully One Train Later will avoid those pitfalls. They do have Sundance in mind, though: The producers hope to have the film done in time to premiere there in January 2009.