We've given you a bunch of tasty retro male morsels with Stars in Rewind, but it's high time we threw some estrogen into the mix. I imagine many of you have seen Sarah Michelle Gellar's Burger King commercials. But have you seen her on Spenser for Hire? In 1988, at the age of 11, the future vampire slayer had a guest spot in the Spenser episode "Company Man." Barbara Stock's Susan Silverman was lounging in a hospital bed when SMG marched in with a huge black bear -- pre-bleach, when she still sported her long, dark locks.

As Emily, Sarah talks about getting her tonsils out, and is quite concerned about Susan's lack of visitors -- all of which she explains with one heck of an over-emphasized inflection. It's amazing to think that this sweet little girl would become the saucy soap opera minx in a few short years with her stint as Sydney in Swans Crossing and Kendall on All My Children. (Funny enough, that second clip there shows Rudolf Martin tasting her neck for the first time -- the second would be as Dracula on Buffy.) These days, she's got some horror films, voice work, Southland Tales, and maybe a slice of a certain, infamous Alice.