I wasn't planning to talk about the strike today, so I zipped by most of the news to find other things to write about. That is, until I came across a certain picture that inspired me to write about a few pieces of news that have stuck out. Forget about thoughtful people giving the strikers food and hot lattes. The big guns are coming in. One is an old arse-kicker-turned-politician, and the other is a modern-day Tank Girl.

Yes, this is all inspired by the picture to the right, which you can click on to see it in all of its awesome glory. That's Diablo Cody, current screenwriter extraordinaire, ready to kick some butt and take some names on the picket line. She posted the picture on her blog, and I can't help but wonder if this would all be over with if they just locked her in a room with all of the execs. If she needs some backup, she could always call in the Terminator, who is ready to be tagged into the fight.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is keen to get this strike wrapped up, according to Reuters, and has decided to get involved. He says: "I'm talking to the parties that are involved because I think it's very important that we settle that as quickly as possible, because it has a tremendous economic impact on our state." What exactly he plans to do remains to be seen. Discussions haven't gotten anywhere, so maybe he'll employ some smackdown tactics. Or maybe hypnosis? Political threats? Time-wasting discussion? Who knows.

Anyway, am I the only one who'd love to see an action movie starring Cody?

[Diablo news via Anne Thompson]
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