Although I generally prefer my wings with hot sauce and blue cheese, we're looking at a different type of wing here. This week we're looking at movies that are joined together by the common theme of winged creatures, so one might say we're Just Winging It.

I'm not sure if the Valkyrie's of Norse mythology had wings of any kind, but whenever I hear the name I always picture the Marvel Comics character Valkyrie who was known for riding a winged horse. Anyway, this new flick from Bryan Singer (director of the first two X-Men movies and Superman Returns) looks awesome. Tom Cruise stars as Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, a German officer at the heart of a conspiracy to overthrow Hitler's regime and assassinate the dictator. Knowing that the plot is doomed to fail adds a sense of tragedy to the whole thing, as does the fact that this based on a true story. Kenneth Branaugh and Terrence Stamp also star. Here's Erik's take on the trailer.

Alvin and the Chipmunks
I know, Chipmunks aren't winged creatures, but flying squirrels sort of are and it's not a huge leap to... Oh come on, work with me, people. After the absolutely dreadful teaser trailer (click here to share my pain) that dropped a few months ago (you have only moments to sell us on your film and you give us a poop eating joke?) this full length trailer looks surprisingly less awful. I'm not saying it looks great, but it made me laugh a few times and yeah the little buggers are kind of cute. Jason Lee plays Dave Seville, a down on his luck songwriter who happens upon three talking squirrels whose singing voices make his otherwise crappy songs palatable. This one is coming out right before Christmas, so I'm betting we'll be hearing the classic Chipmunks Christmas song along with the covers of pop tunes you can hear them sing in the trailer.