According to Deadline Hollywood, this Walk Hard For Your Consideration poster appeared on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter today. The one on the left, not on the right. And boy do I dig it. Although the buzz on this film hasn't been all that great (could it be Apatow's first major disappointment?), I've been a ridiculous John C. Reilly fan for many years now and so, to me, the man can do no wrong. (And as I say that, images of him and Mark Wahlberg "feel, feel, feel ... feel my heat" dance through my head ... )They don't look exactly the same, but aside from being very clever and funny, this For Your Consideration poster (I believe) is supposed to parody the infamous Johnny Cash middle finger ad which thanked "the Nashville music establishment and country raidio" for their support. That's the poster to the right. Of course, the chances of Walk Hard being nominated in any of the bigger categories is slim to none, although, as DH claims, the studio will attempt to pimp it out for music, writing and comedy awards. Personally, I think it's one of the finest For Your Consideration ads I've ever seen, and if more folks got creative and took chances with their ads, I wouldn't mind seeing them splattered across every other page in Variety and HR. Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story hits theaters on December 21.