No, Benderspink isn't looking for a little blood with Charles Starkweather, the spree killer who went on a murderous rampage with his underage girlfriend (which inspired flicks like Natural Born Killers). This project still has violence, but it is a little more uplifting. The Hollywood Reporter posts that they've optioned the rights to David Rodriguez's comic, Starkweather. THR describes the movie as Harry Potter meets The Bourne Identity, because of its mixture of amnesia and magic.

The story focuses on "a slacker in his 20s named Alexander Starkweather, who is under an amnesia spell that renders him unaware of his magic lineage. When he finds himself under attack by supernatural foes, he must discover the secrets of his past in order to protect Earth." Variety's report on the deal adds to that, stating that he's from a line of sorcerers, and that his foes come from a "mysterious coven." Since this project is just in the beginning stages, this could potentially be a nice jump into adult magic once Potter wraps. Teens itching for more could possible jump to the next sorcerer hero, who's just a little bit older.

From the picture up to the right, however, which is from the comic, it looks like this young dude doesn't just become a sorcerer, but some sort of Dolph Lundgren He-Man with more clothes. Slackers just aren't ripped like that. Does the discovery of magic magically give a sorcerer muscles? Does he come not from a line of naturally hulky men? I guess if you're a sorcerer, that's equally possible. And who would play this beefcake? For some reason, I can't get pictures of Teddy Dunn out of my head.
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