The dude (sorry, David Goyer) has come a long way over the last 17 years. He came onto the scene when he wrote the super-awesome Jean Claude Van Damme and Robert Guillaume flick, Death Warrant -- the movie that, for some reason, I had a poster of as a teen. After that came a whole slew of different supernatural flicks. His pen has been behind the likes of everything from Dark City to Batman Begins, and he's been getting into the directorial side of things with films like Blade: Trinity and the upcoming Magneto.

Now The Hollywood Reporter has posted that Goyer is signing up for his next helming gig -- an untitled supernatural thriller for Rogue Pictures. They're not saying too much about what Goyer's script entails, other than that it "follows an 18-year-old who realizes she is slowly being possessed and then begins to fight back." Am I the only one imagining a modern-day Ash? I'm sure this will be much more serious than my musings, but I can't help but picture a girl dealing with a demonic hand and chopping it off.

They're looking to start this puppy in February (not sure what that means for Magneto), so we should start hearing more soon. In the meantime -- what girl can pull this off? The only one that comes to mind for me is the young actress who has become the champion of young female talent -- Ellen Page. She'll hit 21 when the production starts, but I can't think of anyone even close to comparable. How about you?
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