If you, like me, were just the other day sitting in the bath wondering, "What in the hell ever happened to that dude who played Bill in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure? What was his name? Yeah! Alex Winter." So I wondered that to myself, but then after my bath I went to bed and forgot to IMDb his name to find out what he was up to. Then tonight, I was sitting here on the couch in my Theraflu haze half-watching Pokemon (don't ask) and there was a commercial for the new live-action Ben-10 movie, which I totally did not even know they were making, and guess who's directing it? Bill S. Preston, aka Alex Winter, who looks almost exactly like he did 18 years ago, only 18 years older.

Ben 10, in case you aren't in the know, is this cool kid's show about a boy, Ben S. Tennyson, who finds an alien watch that turns him into different alien creatures. Ben, his cousin Gwen, and their grandfather (who, lucky for Ben, used to belong to some alien protection squad) spend the summer traveling around in grandpa's tricked-out RV, while Ben uses his superpowers to kick the asses of various alien bad guys. It's a pretty cool show from a kids' standpoint -- a big fave in our house, where we also have a bunch of Ben 10 action figures and a couple of Omnitrix (the watch that Ben wears), including a version with this cool voice changer that makes my 4YO sound like Darth Vader on mushrooms.