You might have seen Kim Voynar's review last week of Lions for Lambs. In the middle she asks: "Let's be honest ... does anyone really want to see another war movie right now? I know, I know, the subject matter is relevant, we get that. Yes, this war sucks. Yes, there are parallels to Vietnam -- which coincidentally, also sucked. Yes, our politicians lied to us (shocking but true) and they lie to cover their lies. We're mired in this war with no easy way out, our soldiers are dying -- for what we're not sure, and the whole situation stinks to high heaven. But, do we want (or need) to see 89,000 movies about it?"

Well, her question has been answered, because war film numbers 89,001-89,003 are about to be made. The Hollywood Reporter has posted that a series of films based on war headlines is going to be written and directed by Christian Johnson -- the director of 2004's September Tapes. The series, which will be called Blackline International Trilogy, is inspired by recent Blackwater Worldwide actions and controversies. The first in the series will be called Blackline: The Beirut Contract. The film will revolve "around three of its soldiers-for-hire and their mission to rescue a man taken hostage in Beirut after negotiating for peace among warring factions."

But this won't be just a film series with lots of soldiers, sneakiness, and violence. They also plan to have a same-day-release video game and interactive DVD so that viewers can "duplicate the experiences of the main characters and explore alternate versions of the story line." Producer Nabil Issa's company Signature Productions is teaming with Big Deal Pictures to finance this, and production begins in Beirut this month, with further shooting scheduled in Paris and Morocco as well. Once the new year hits, the other two films will be shot in Russia, Poland, and Venezuela. So, war fans out there -- rejoice! For the rest of you, there's always rom-coms to delight in!
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