When you become an actor and star, there's lots of tricky scenarios to contend with. Beyond all the losses of privacy, you really have to watch what you talk about. There's all sorts of embargoes by the studio to keep actors from spilling secret details; there is the challenge of answering questions and being charming without giving away too much personal information; and finally -- there's the challenge of not saying something that could be taken the wrong way and erupt across the lines of news and blog feeds out there.

Columbus Short, star of Stomp the Yard, was recently asked about the turmoil that is Britney Spears. For those not familiar with the particulars of Ms. Spears' work, Short used to be her tour choreographer, and he whipped up her dance moves for her "In the Zone" tour. So, according to Jam!, he was recently asked about her troubles. His response: I really don't have any thoughts. I think we need to just stop talking about it and then she'll die... (horrified pause). Um, not literally. That's not what I meant. I meant she'll start to heal. Uh, next question?

Whoops! I see how he could confuse dying and healing, can't you? Talk about a big blunder. I have this feeling that he won't be commenting on other people and their issues in the future. Otherwise, he might have to be Quarantined from more than just a building full of rabies. Looking on the bright side, at least it was brunt-of-the-joke Britney. If he had let some important movie news slip, he might be finding himself back on the concert circuit.
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