This past Saturday, I was almost in a fight. A real fight with, like, fists. It's been almost 12 years since I was last in a fight (or, well, almost in a fight). Back then I had just started college, pretending to be this macho New Yorker (even though I weighed 100 pounds soaking wet) and knew how to act tough. I couldn't beat up a six-year-old girl, mind you, but I knew how to talk like a guy who grew up on the streets, with a hunting knife in my mouth instead of a baby's bottle. Now, however, I'm a laid back guy who writes about movies. That's it. I'm a quiet gent, and you'd have to try real hard to get me going. While shopping in a shoe store this past weekend, there was this guy (late 20s) standing with two older people who didn't speak English. They were situated right in front of the shoe I needed to look at. They stood there for a good 15 minutes, not moving. And so I patiently waited as long as I possibly could before saying "excuse me" while sliding in between them so I could look at the shoe.

That's when I heard it: "A**hole." Then again. And again. Until finally I looked up at this dude and asked if he was talking to me. He was ... and he didn't stop: "You're an a**hole," he said with a smirk. I replied, "I've been waiting 15 minutes for you folks to move and you haven't. I have a right to look at this shoe too." Then he goes, "F*ck you a**hole. I'll be waiting for you outside." "Waiting for me outside? Dude, you're in a shoe store. Calm down." Only he didn't calm down, he kept at it. He decided to go from cursing to personal insults: "Baldy. You're going bald. Ha! Baldy, baldy, baldy ..." He was not the first person to point this out; I'd been losing my hair for several years and have been made fun of numerous times by friends, family members and even random people on subway platforms. So I told him this: "I might be going bald, but at least I'm not unoriginal." And suddenly I felt like I was Matt Damon's character in Good Will Hunting -- only we were in a shoe store, and instead of fighting a guy from Harvard, it was a guy who learned English from watching the Jerry Springer Show.

I tried my best to keep it cool, and when I complained to the girl running the fitting rooms, she just looked at me like, "Um, I control the fitting rooms. This wasn't in my job description." My wife convinced me to take a different exit because she didn't want me getting arrested for fighting in a shoe store, and I never saw the guy again. But it made me wonder: How many of you have ever thrown out a random movie quote in the middle of an argument and passed it off as your own?

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