Sure, it's very helpful to have a cast in place before starting a flick. James Cameron'sAvatar already has the likes of the soon-to-be-Uhura Zoe Saldana, the toughest chick to ever hit space -- Sigourney Weaver, all-around tough girl Michelle Rodriguez, quirky Giovanni Ribisi, and the underworld Macbeth, Sam Worthington. But even with tough, female topliners, and epic Ripley, you need to have a lead villain to create all the thrilling space action. Variety reports that this will be none other than Matt Gerald. ...Who?

The actor, who looks like a real-life Hitman, is jumping into the role from much smaller stints in films like Magnolia (Officer #2), T3 (SWAT Team Leader), and xXx (Liebo). He's also just finished working on the Chuck Palahniuk adaptation, Choke, where he plays Detective Ryan. Now, Avatar is about the clashing between a humanoid race on their home planet of Pandora, and those from Earth who settle in and are at odds with them. It's sounding kind of like Dune meets the Mayflower. Pandora has all sorts of treasures and resources, and those darned Earth people want it for themselves, which leads to a battle for survival. Now we've just got to wait and see if Gerald can stand up to Weaver, Saldana, and Rodriguez.
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