I don't have much against Mickey Rourke. Sometimes, I would much prefer to watch him than Nicolas Cage. Other times, it's vice versa for me. Neither is really a better actor than the other, and neither is particularly better looking. But for Hollywood, there's a definite difference between the two actors. Cage is a big star who can sell a movie. Rourke isn't, and hasn't been for about twenty years now. Sure, he's great in minor roles in big movies like Sin Cityand Once Upon a Time in Mexico, but as the lead in your movie? Are you sure you don't mean to be making a low-budget, straight-to-DVD flick instead? Certainly Darren Aronofsky (The Fountain) has no intention of sinking so low, but then its his film where Rourke just replaced Cage, according to Variety. It isn't known why Cage ducked out of The Wrestler, which he was attached to a month ago, but he's left us with one of the most unbalanced casting changes I've ever seen.

Rourke, who was arrested last week for riding a Vespa while allegedly intoxicated, will now play Randy "The Ram" Robinson, "an over-the-hill grappler who returns to the ring for one last shot at glory." The actor has been on a upward slope lately in terms of Hollywood success, but for awhile it seemed we'd lost the actor who was so good in Diner, The Pope of Greenwich Villageand Barfly. But will he carry The Wrestler? Reports from the IMDb message boards claim that Cage had actually been doing research backstage at a Ring of Honor show. Now that research has been wasted, but maybe Rourke will have time before the January 7 start date to do his own research, or at least find out from Cage what he observed. Also, if Aronofsky wants this movie to be as big as it could have been, he might want Cage to lend his face, a la Face/Off, to the less-bankable Rourke.
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