I've just recently hit that spot in my Netflix queue reserved for "films I've always wanted to see but never got around to it." I'm sure everyone does something similar; when I look at my friends' queues, they're filled with older flicks -- random movies, the kind you know they want to see for the hell of it. Either they read about the film, someone told them about it or they discovered an old gem all on their own. And it's so much fun to stumble upon a wonderful film that you, for one reason or another, never watched. For me, this weekend, that film was Amelie. For those that have never seen it, Amelie is fantastic -- one of the best films I've watched all year (even though it's six years old), and one I'll definitely be watching again. The colors, the characters; my friend and I were both in agreement in saying it felt like a French Wes Anderson film.

Not sure about you, but I've found myself skipping the majority of theatrical releases lately (with the exception of films I'm assigned to review) in favor of catching up with older flicks. So instead of talking more about the writers strike, I thought it might be fun to ask which random films you watched this weekend. Is your Netflix queue filled with new releases, old films you've never watched or movies you're dying to see again? Did anything surprise you? Did you queue up something you thought would be great, but it turned out to suck? Or vice-versa?

So, I ask you: What was your random movie rental this weekend, and would you recommend it to others?

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