We already know that Zachary Quinto's Spock will be pulled from the legs of one Heather-killing lady, Winona Ryder. But what loins could ever produce a baby that will one day grow into William Shatner? According to IESB, that would be Chris Hemsworth. If you've seen the Aussie show Home and Away, he plays some guy named Kim Hyde. Otherwise, the 24-year-old is pretty much a newcomer. That's right -- 24. I hope one of you Trekkies out there can tell me how he's going to play the dad of the 27-year-old Chris Pine. Is this only in flashbacks? Or do they just want to age him to be believable? Sure, there's rumors of time travel, but it doesn't sound like the time travel revolves around earlier-than-school days.

The same news piece also notes that House M.D. star Jennifer Morrison, who was rumored to have joined the cast, has definitely signed on. Unfortunately, that confirmation doesn't include any information about who she's playing. Hence the following speculation: IESB thinks that due to her clothing in the spy pictures taken from the set, she's probably going to play molecular biologist Carol Marcus (who gets involved with Kirk and gives birth to his son, David) and not Janice Rand (USS Enterprise yeoman). Why? It looks like she's wearing a skirt and slip-ons, and her hair is down, rather than pinned up like the other Starfleet females. While she looks pretty commanding in a suit (look above), I'm thinking she may just be a Starfleet flasher.
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