Amidst playing the offspring of an evil doctor supergenius and doing questionable things flutes, Seth Green and Alyson Hannigan went through the sweet rise and heart-wrenching fall of love on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. But that wasn't the first time these two dated. If you're up on your trivia, or happened to like bad '80s films, you might remember that they were love interests in My Stepmother is an Alien -- both at the ripe age of 14 -- where they set the spark for future romance.

You remember it, right? It's 1988, and the alien otherwise known as Kim Basinger gets sent to earth to investigate scientist Dan Aykroyd. Back then, 14 actually looked like 14, and in the following clip, you can see Green's Fred picking up Hannigan's Jessi for a hot night out on the town, or a hot night at a dance. He's in a pale suit, and she's in a soft pink dress with poofs and lace -- full '80s ensembles and almost no skin showing. They look ridiculous, which is all sorts of cute, and Fred throws around words like "doll." It's almost like a Hollywood version of Linklater's Sunrise/Sunset films. What will be next? Alyson and Seth meeting on another world? They've already tackled witches, werewolves, and aliens!