The original was Terry O'Quinn's shining moment before he became John Locke on Lost. Now, in the previously announced remake of The Stepfather, O'Quinn's role will be refilled by Dylan Walsh. According to Variety, the Nip/Tuck star will play the homicidal "daddy" who marries Sela Ward and provokes the suspicions of her kid. This time around, though, the kid is a boy rather than a girl, and cast in the role is Penn Badgley (John Tucker Must Die). Rounding out the cast may be Adrianne Palicki (TV's Friday Night Lights), who is in negotiations to play the son's girlfriend.

The original, which came out in 1987 and later spawned a sequel, was pretty cheap and cheesy, but it was a neat horror interpretation of the usual fears of step-children, that the guy who married mommy is a really terrible man. Of course, in the movie, the stepfather turns out to be a serial killer who has slashed his former families to bits due to a psychological issue stemming from his childhood. According to Variety, Screen Gems is hoping to make the redo a more-Hitchcockian thriller. Somehow I doubt it will be anywhere near as good as one of old Alfred's classics.

The Stepfather also now has a script, which was written by J.S. Cardone (The Covenant), and a director, Nelson McCormick, who previously worked with Walsh on four Nip/Tuck episodes. Cardone and McCormick were also both involved with Screen Gems' remake of Prom Night, which hits theaters in April. About the same time as that release, The Stepfather will probably be just starting filming.
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