First there was Stoned -- the story based on the rise and fall of Rolling Stones founder Brian Jones. The film was full of sex, drugs, and music -- but not in The Doors sort of mainstream way -- I'm talking full-frontal folly and sauciness. I mean, this is about the Stones after all! Now it seems to be time for the next sexy foray into their world -- a German film has been made called 8 Miles High (Das Wilde Leben), which follows the life of Uschi Obermaier, a "'60s fashion icon and companion of the Rolling Stones."

The Hollywood Reporter has posted that Dokument Films has acquired the North American rights to Achim Bornhak's biopic, based on Overmaier's autobiography, although no release date has been set yet. Starring Natalia Avelon, the film details how she became an "it girl" at the age of 16, and then joined a political commune called Kommune 1. However, her focus was on fun, and she became known for her nude work as a model and her time with Keith Richards and Mick Jagger. According to chatter on IMDb, it's got a similar sex content to Stoned, so even if German flicks with subtitles aren't your cup of tea, there's lots of nudity -- or the amusement of seeing Swede Victor Norén and the German actor Alexander Scheer play Mick and Keith, respectively.
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