In August, I posted thatJeff Goldblum's mockumentary called Pittsburghwas finally getting released. The flick focuses on Goldblum as he takes a role in The Music Man for the Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera "out of love, both for the venerable musical and for his fiancee, Catherine Wreford, a Canadian actress who must get a job or risk losing her visa." Now Jam! reports that one of the women in the movie is trying to stop it from airing on cable or being distributed unless her scene is cut from the movie.

Debbie Sue Croyle is a stagehand who rubbed some alcohol on Goldlum, and then blew on it to dry it so that she could tape a microphone to him. She says she was humiliated because of a double entendre/sexual innuendo he used in this scene -- certainly not the most incendiary reason to start a lawsuit. She reportedly asked the producers to either donate money to an organization that helps the mentally handicapped, or cut the scene. Since they never got back to her, she's suing for $4 million in damages.

That's one heck of an expensive innuendo! If anyone of you have seen it, please tell me what this so-called humiliating comment is, because I can't think of anything worth $4 million, especially after she signed a release for the movie. I wonder how much she would have sued for if he made the joke and accidentally spilled hot coffee on her.
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