War films continue to be the buzz of Hollywood -- even though some with hugely-powerful casts aren't doing well -- like, oh, Lions for Lambs. But why stop there? Norman Mailer just passed away, and he happened to write the critically-acclaimed war novel The Naked and the Dead, so why not take another pass at the film in memory of him? (The original stab came about in 1958, although it didn't even begin to touch the acclaim of the novel.) Now The Hollywood Reporter has posted that John Mailer, son of Norman, has secured the film rights to the novel, and he plans to produce it along with Evanly Schindler and Maurizio Marchiori of Tar Art.

Based on Mailer's own experiences during World War II, The Naked and the Dead is about a platoon of rifleman stationed in the South Pacific. Using the mythical island of Anopopei, Mailer describes how the platoon and 6,000-man force gets ready to take the island from the Japanese to help the US advance into the Philippines. The invasion is weaved with background vignettes on a number of the men, while Mailer also discusses the conflicts between the officers and the men. So yeah, we've had lots and lots of war movies lately, but not all of them come from critically-acclaimed material. If it's done well, will The Naked and the Dead thrive, or will it just become a victim of an over-saturated market of cinematic war?
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