Just when you thought you'd seen it all, the writers are getting creative (who would expect anything less) and they've literally brought in the hounds. Now in its second week, the 2007 writer's strike is still going strong. In fact, so many celebrities are showing up, I wouldn't be surprised if a network decided to air a live protest during primetime. Wait ... strike that -- nevermind. Apparently today was Bring A Star To Picket With You Day, which saw folks like Ben Stiller, Seth Green, Minnie Driver and Doug Savant (you know it's nuts when Savant shows up!) walking the picket lines alongside writers. Additionally -- and I personally found this to be hysterical -- a bunch of dudes are also walking the picket lines, only they're not protesting -- they're selling bootleg strike t-shirts! Yeah, the same kind you'd find on the side of a road while leaving a rock concert (check out pics over at Nina Bargiel's blog) . So for those of you traveling in Los Angeles, you can stop by the picket line, buy a bootleg t-shirt, then run home and play WGA make believe. It's a fun game, I've played it several times. You?

[Dog photo courtesy of Deadline Hollywood]

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