I have a favor to ask of Ridley Scott: please, sir, can you stop announcing movie projects until you're in the middle of shooting Monopoly? That's the only one I really want to see you committed to right now. So, just finish up with Body of Lies, then begin production on Monopoly, and then you may announce other gigs, including this new project, Stones, which The Hollywood Reporter now tells us you're set to direct. Sure, the film sounds really interesting -- its a supernatural thriller that deals with ancient landmarks like Stonehenge and the Great Pyramids -- but how can you be thinking about mystical places when you need to be concentrating on Rich Uncle Pennybags and how you might integrate the thimble and scotty dog into your board game adaptation.

Yes, the American Gangsterdirector has too many films in the pipeline. And Monopoly isn't even one of the projects listed on the IMDb, which shows only the Robin Hood-based Nottinghamand the Cormac McCarthy adaptation Blood Merdian as being lined up after Body of Lies. Other Scott-attached projects we've written about in the past include Child 44 and Gladiator 2, but those were both a long time ago. We know Scott has confirmed involvement in Monopoly, so where's the greenlight? Doesn't Hollywood know how huge this thing will be? Oh well, I guess we can take a little peak at what this Stones thing is all about. Scripted by Matthew Cirulnick (Paid in Full), the movie features the destruction of ancient religious structures throughout the world and the revelation that they are all tied together, with Stonehenge being the central site, and that they all retain supernatural powers meant for a specific purpose.

The Hollywood Reporter
confirms that following Body of Lies, Scott will head straight into Nottingham, while Stones will have to await the end of the Writers Guild strike, because Cirulnick has not finished writing it. The trade also mentions another mythical project written by Cirulnick titled Elysium, which deals with Greek mythology, and going by the title, I presume it focuses on the afterlife.
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