This time around for Stars in Rewind, we've got Woody Allen. This isn't much of a shocker, but it does jump all the way back to 1967 -- before Marshall McLuhan, or that classy move he made when he fell for his long-time partner's adopted daughter. Allen had made a name for himself as a writer for television shows like Candid Camera, and movies like What's New, Pussycat?, yet it would be a good decade before the ultra-classics Annie Hall and Manhattan were born.

This clip has Woody Allen walking through Manhattan during an interview with the CBC. The main topics are, unsurprisingly, women, jokes, and how he became a writer. The discussion includes chatter about picking up women at art galleries, the wonder of a female derriere, his young desire to be a criminal, the blandness of television, and even throws in a little slapstick pool humor. It's long, but worth it if you're an Allen fan. Enjoy!

[via Movie City Indie]