Is this the new Bond girl? According to MI6, a local television show in Mexico is reporting that actress Mayrin Villanueva (who's done a ton of TV work in Mexico) has landed a part in the next James Bond film, currently titled Bond 22. Producers for the film, as well as Daniel Craig, have been scouting dozens of actresses and models in South America in search of an unknown, yet unbelievably gorgeous girl as the next potential Bond female. Though we're not sure whether she'll play a huge role in the film, or just serve as one of Daniel Craig's flings while he's hanging out below the border, the gal definitely looks like she can handle the super spy between the sheets. Can she recite a line or two? Who knows ... and do we care? MI6 says local news coverage in Mexico cities are receiving their news from Villanueva's husband (sorry guys) who's apparently saying that she attended several casting sessions before "producers requested her presence for the film which is currently in pre-production." So until something official comes our way, we'll consider this just a rumor -- what do you think of the gal? Directed by Marc Forster, Bond 22 is due out on November 7, 2008.

[via Latino Review]

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