Ask any movie geek that's seen Troll 2what one of the worst movies ever made is -- and they'll undoubtedly say Troll 2 ... eventually. It was ranked at the IMDb as the #1 worst film ever made, but that list fluctuates a lot (based mainly on what Uwe Boll's latest film is). Bottom line is that awful is awful, and Claudio Fragasso'sTroll 2 is about ten degrees worse than that, multiplied by nine and covered with sprinkles. (Don't believe me? Rent it. I dare you.)

Anyway, earlier this year I was fortunate enough to join a VERY enthusiastic (sold-out) crowd at the (now deceased) original Alamo Drafthouse theater for a now-legendary screening of (you guessed it) Troll 2. Plus a whole bunch of the original cast members showed up to join the fun! One such person was a young man called Michael Paul Stephenson, who (18 years ago) played the lead dorky kid in Troll 2. Turns out that Mike was making a documentary about the cult following that Troll 2 has (somehow) earned -- and now it looks like that movie is almost done!

It's called Best Worst Movie, and there's a brand-new teaser clip online that's as lengthy as it is amusing. Plus if you squint real careful, you'll see a Cinematical writer you know and love! Anyway, I think it's hilarious that a movie this rotten could spawn not only a rabid cult following, but also a documentary film about HOW BAD a movie it is!

...and don't forget: Nilbog is goblin spelled backwards!
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