Cinematical has just received this exclusive poster for Get Smart (click on the image for a larger version), the highly-anticipated big-screen adaptation of the popular 60s television show. This time around, Steve Carell (Maxwell Smart) and Anne Hathaway (Agent 99) take over the roles originally played by Don Adams and Barbara Feldon, and they'll be joined by a cast that includes Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (as Agent 23), Alan Arkin (as The Chief) and Terrence Stamp (as Siegfried, whose vile sidekick followed Borat across the country last year). Like the television show, Get Smart (the movie) will follow the agents of CONTROL as they battle KAOS, an evil organization hell-bent on world domination. This poster looks to be a throwback of sorts to those old posters featuring Adams and Feldon, one of which had them standing back-to-back -- she in a stylish trenchcoat and he in a dark suit. The fashion has been updated, but that wacky "Odd Couple" pairing definitely still exists. As you can see, Get Smart shall arrive in theaters on June 20; check out the film's trailer over on Moviefone.