Inspired by my last From the Editor's Desk (in which I somewhat ripped off a line from Good Will Hunting and used it during an argument in a shoe store), I decided to continue the geeky movie theme by sharing with you the geekiest movie-related thing I've ever done and then asking for your stories as well. A few months before I got married, I was shooting the sh*t with my best friend when he realized that my wedding date just happened to coincide with the 50th anniversary of a very special (yet fictional) moment in movie history. I was getting hitched on November 4th, 2005 -- and at midnight, on November 5th, 2005, it would be exactly fifty years to the day since Marty McFly first arrived in the year 1955. On that day, you'll remember, Doc slipped on a toilet bowl while hanging a clock and envisioned the flux capacitor. Additionally, Marty pushed his father out of the way, was hit by his grandfather's car and attempted to avoid plenty of sexual advances from his young teenage mother.

If I was forced at gunpoint to reveal my favorite movie of all time (and that's really the only way I'd ever pick one movie), then Back to the Future would most likely be my choice. So since my wedding reception would carry over into November 5th, I knew I needed to do something to celebrate. Not only that, but I needed to convince my future wife (who had been waiting for this day her entire life) that including a nod to Back to the Future during our wedding would not be lame and/or make us look like fools in front of 200 other people. But when she saw how much it meant to me, she allowed me to do something special -- something only hardcore BTTF fans would pick up and appreciate. That said, at exactly midnight, with no formal announcement made, my wedding band played Earth Angel and Johnny B Good back-to-back. And as a glided past my best friend on the dance floor, we briefly looked away from our partners and gave each other an all-knowing nod. It was awesome.

So, fan conventions and Halloween costumes (which reminds me -- go vote for the winners of our costume contest now!) aside, what's the geekiest movie-related thing you've ever done?

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