All of you Harry Potter fans who were disappointed with the absence of quidditch in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix can rejoice. There is definitely sequences of the wizard's sport in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I haven't read the book nor do I know exactly how much quidditch figures into the next installment, but I have just watched a new featurette on the film's production, which specifically focuses on quidditch costumes. Titled "Quidditch: Back in Style," and hosted by the site Worst Previews, the video features costume designer Jany Temime presenting a new padded quidditch uniform. She says that because the characters are now older, they are more physical in their play of the sport, hence the need for shoulder pads and such.

Another Half-Blood Prince featurette now available is titled "Set Magic: Creating Wool's Orphanage." In this video, we see production designer Stuart Craig discussing the plans for and construction of, yes, Wool's Orphanage. For those out of the loop, Wool's is the childhood residence of Tom Riddle (aka young Voldemort). There's models, sets, and other art department goods, but unfortunately for you fans there's no sign of the cast. At the beginning of each video, however, there is a bit of movie footage, plus Daniel Radcliffe saying he's glad to be back. Of course, we've only just begun to get the real goods from Half-Blood Prince, which only began filming two months ago. Earlier today we got casting news for the character of Lavendar Brown, and on Monday we found out who is playing Narcissa Malfoy. So, be sure and stay tuned to Cinematical for plenty more exciting Potter stuff as we receive it. And remember, we have a whole year before the thing comes out, so try to be patient.