One of the most popular Harry Potter websites, the Harry Potter Lexicon, has gotten on the bad side of series author JK Rowling over plans to publish the site as a book. Website ars technica reports that Rowling and Warner Brothers have teamed up to sue the publisher of the Harry Potter Lexicon, RDR Books. Steve Vander Ark, the lead publisher of the online Lexicon, wants to publish in book form a compilation of all the materials from the website, but Rowling, who has in the past praised the website and been on friendly terms with Vander Ark, apparently is none-too-pleased about a print version of the material.

Rowling's side of the argument revolves around the point that while she was fine with the Lexicon's online version, because it is freely available and no one is making money off it, a print version crosses the line because there's money involved now. Rowling posted the following on her website on November 9:

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