Argentine writer and director Alexis Dos Santos is getting ready to film his second feature. His first was the fest circuit film Glue, which starred Nahuel Pérez Biscayart and Inés Efron, the latter of whom recently stunned audiences with her work in XXY. To give you an idea about what the film was about, and his style, this is the summary from IMDb: "A teenage summer in a small town in the desert, a dysfunctional family, a rock band, a can full of glue, two boys, one girl, loads of tongue kisses, dry heat, wind in Patagonia, existential angst... A teenage story in the middle of nowhere." Keep this in mind.

Variety has released the cast list for his next film, the $2.5 million comedy/drama Unmade Beds. The feature will examine "love, loss, identity, and friendship among young immigrants in London," which sounds pretty serious, but IMDb's outline says that it is the "quirky story of Vera and Axl, who both live in the same London warehouse, but whose [sic] paths never cross until fate steps in." While it, at first, seems like a super-serious immigrant drama, all the clues point to it being a much lighter take on the subject. Belgium actress Déborah François (L'Enfant) and Spanish actor Fernando Tielve (Pan's Labyrinth) will star as Vera and Axl, and they will be joined by Michiel Huisman (Black Book), Iddo Goldberg (Run, Fat Boy, Run), and Richard Lintern (Syriana). The film is set to shoot in London and Nottingham, but there's no word on when.
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