Sometimes it seems like the term "B-movie" is synonymous with low budget horror. That's probably why I found this grade z crime thriller from 1997 so refreshing. No fake monsters or cheesy special effects here that necessitate a willing suspension of disbelief that I might not be so willing to supply. Released as part of the "1990s Independent Exploitation DVD Series" by Bloody Earth Films, (which is a subsidiary of Camp Motion Pictures), American Punks was previously released under the title Generation X-tinct, which is still what IMDB is calling it. Director Michelle Pacitto obviously took inspiration from Pulp Fiction, so much so in fact that his film -- like Tarantino's -- includes an important scene that takes place while a character is defecating in a restaurant bathroom. One of the freakier homages I've seen, I must admit, made all the more memorable by the line "it's bad luck to pinch a loaf with a hat on."

Look up the word "loser" in the dictionary and you will find a picture of our main character Bobby Tilton, as played by Mike Passion. Bobby is an angry, foul-mouthed little thug who treats both friend and foe with equal amounts of derision. His unemployment benefits are about to run out, and anyone more successful than him (which is pretty much everyone) is a target for contempt. Bobby's pal Nail (Ron Ramsey) gets whacked by a guy he owes money to, and Bobby is the guy the cops are looking at to take the blame thanks to his history of petty crime. Bobby and his friends, a collection of pot heads only slightly higher up on the evolutionary scale than he is, figure they can't trust the cops to help, so they set out to avenge Nail's death themselves. Bobby reasons that Nail must have been taken out by a yuppie inexplicably named Thunder Goldbird the two harassed right before the murder. An attack on Goldbird's house leaves Bobby's little band in disarray, with one member dead, and he sets out to buy a gun and take out Goldbird once and for all.
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