Unfortunately, lots of posters these days don't amount to much. Either they're too run-of-the-mill, or they use so much damn airbrushing that it looks like Robert Zemeckis took over production and live captured the whole movie, instead of it being a plain-jane live-action film. Everyone once in a while, a simple one surfaces that just seems to get it -- often with Steve Carrell. (The 40-Year-Old Virgin poster was brilliant, and the Get Smart poster, which we premiered yesterday, isn't too shabby either.) And then sometimes, just sometimes, the posters just plain rock.

If the four pics that Entertainment Weekly just released of The Sarah Connor Chronicles are any indication of the show's content, this sucker should be great. Making a show based on Terminator is all sorts of tricky, but man, they knew how to cast. The first poster has Summer Glau, probably one of the coolest fighters ever, in all of her robot glory. Then there's Lena Headey channeling Linda Hamilton with that tough tank and bulging veins. And then, delightfully, more Glau. There's one with her naked torso, boobage covered by her hair (see pic to the right), and another where her skin is burned away to show the machine below.

I think the lesson is simple. For the most part, the simpler, the better. Sometimes studios try so hard to make it look cool, that any appealing potential gets stripped away. There's a reason why posters like these work -- they take the best of what the movie has to offer, or in this case a show, and lets it speak for itself. That being said, I wonder why Thomas Dekker doesn't appear in any of them?