The strike has stalled the pen, but not the cast, so there's lots of casting nibbles to share today. Here's round one:
  • Ah, D.B. Sweeney. He started off strong. He got to play the jerk in Fire with Fire, he co-starred in John Sayles' classic Eight Men Out, and even skated into moviegoers hearts with The Cutting Edge. Maybe it was his run-in with aliens in Fire in the Sky that began to change things. These days, he takes on television guest star roles and mainly little to no-buzz movies. But maybe, just maybe, things are changing for the better. Variety reports that he's among the cast of Miracle at St. Anna -- Spike Lee's WWII movie. The movie focuses on four black US soldiers (one of which will most probably not be Sweeney), but being in this has got to help him more than something like Hard Ball.
  • Katie Chonacas, a new actress who has popped up in shows like CSI, also has a slew of feature projects on the way. She's completed a role in Robert Englund's sophomore directorial stint, Killer Pad, then jumped into Haylie Duff comedy with Legacy, and super-awesome Jessica Simpson fare with Major Movie Star. On a slighty (or much) better note, Variety reports that she's nabbed a role in the Morgan Freeman/Antonio Banderas crime flick, The Code. I'm thinking this will be a definite improvement over her other recent work, but that's just a hunch.
  • Alex Frost started his movie career only a few years ago as the tow-headed star of Gus Van Sant's Elephant. He's had some starring indie roles since, and will soon be seen in Kimberly Peirce's (Boys Don't Cry) next film, Stop Loss, and the comedy Drillbit Taylor. In what looks like an effort to keep his movie career varied and fresh, Variety reports that he's nabbed the starring role in Calvin Marshall. This time around, he'll "play a talentless kid with dreams of junior college basketball glory." Ouch. Will he become a basketball star? Or, maybe he'll find out that he's much better suited to ping pong?

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