Here's two more tasty casting bits:
  • She played the eternal follower Marcie Fox in Jawbreaker, and even co-starred in the super-awesome George of the Jungle 2, but Julie Benz is definitely best known for her super-evil, drawling vampire Darla from Buffy and Angel, and from her recent time as the bad-luck love interest of serial killer Dexter. While her long-term television work is all sorts of tasty, I wish I could say the same for her film choices. She's co-starring in the upcoming Rambo flick, and then, hold onto your seats -- Variety reports that she's shooting Lionsgate's action film, The Punisher: War Zone. (Check out other casting news on the film here.) While I'd like to see Benz in some tastier work that pushes her a bit, I have to say that the cast has me kind of interested, especially with musician/actor and Toronto native Keram Malicki-Sanchez also onboard.
  • With the seventies safely stored in the past, Danny Masterson continues to move on to other pastures. He played the tough, geeky roommate of Anna Faris in Smiley Face (which really, really should hit theaters), he just finished a flick with his brother called Made for Each Other, and now Variety reports that Danny Boy is going to star opposite Jim Carrey in Yes Man as Carrey's best friend. This means that Bradley Cooper (Failure to Launch), who was previously attached to play the friend, must be out. While it sounds like some rip-off to Liar, Liar, it's actually based on the true story of a man named Danny Wallace, who decided to say yes to everything that came his way -- from SPAM to party invites. Stay tuned for all sorts of advertisements that will beckon you to say yes to the film like Wallace says yes to life. It's just begging to be used as a marketing gimmick.

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