The first footage (more like a teaser trailer) for The Forbidden Kingdom has popped up online, and the flick -- which stars both Jet Li and Jackie Chan -- looks pretty damn awesome. There's that one female with the grey hair who kept reminding me of Storm from the X-Men flicks, but aside from that it appears we're in store for a wild ride. According to the teaser's intro, the film has wrapped principal photography and is now in post-production. Rob Minkoff (The Lion King) directed, with fight choreography from Yuen Wo Ping (The Matrix films, Kill Bill) and cinematography from Peter Pau (Shoot 'Em Up). Needless to say, I wouldn't expect anything less than awesome with that team behind the camera.

Apparently the film follows an American teen obsessed with martial arts who uncovers a magical staff that transports him back to ancient China. There, he meets up with a band of martial arts warriors on a quest to free the imprisoned Monkey King. I know, it all sounds nuts, but check out the video above -- the film, visually, looks fantastic. The Forbidden Kingdom is set to arrive in theaters on April 18.

[via Coming Soon]