No, this isn't a remake of the remake of The Ring, which was once titled Seven Days. (Although these days, a move like that wouldn't surprise me.) In step with the current trend, this English-language remake is coming from a fresh film from South Korea. In fact, they should have just waited a week to share this news -- the original just opened there on Wednesday. The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Seven Days has been picked up by Summit Entertainment for a Hollywood remake. The original (which feels strange to type since the film is currently on the screen) stars Lost'sYunjin Kim "as a lawyer who must free a convicted killer in just one week or else see her kidnapped daughter murdered." Where's Alan Shore when you need him?

Summit is feeling pretty confident about this -- they've made the deal for a low six figures, and they plan to begin filming in 2008. Now, either Summit expects the strike to end soon, or they are going to tap some non-WGA writer. Or, maybe a direct translation? Now that would be interesting. On the acting side of things, considering the fact that Kim has a career stateside, I imagine there's a chance she could reprise this role for the remake as well, kind of like Penelope Cruz revisiting Abre los Ojos with Vanilla Sky. Whatever the case, we'll have to see how the strike pans out, and just when this flick actually gets cast and heads into production.

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