Take the title "Holy Rollers." What does it make you think of? There are all sorts of possibilities, but I bet this one didn't pop into your mind -- drug-dealing Hasidic Jews. Oh yes, The Hollywood Reporter has posted that Jesse Eisenberg (The Squid and the Whale) and Justin Bartha (National Treasure) are starring in a Jewsploitation comic drama called Holy Rollers. Funnily enough, this isn't taken from the realms of fantasy, like Adam Goldberg's awesome Hebrew Hammer. This puppy is based on a true story.

Set in 1999, the project is "ripped from true-crime headlines" where Hasidic Jews were tapped to smuggle drugs into the U.S., and "follows an impressionable youth (Eisenberg) from an Orthodox Brooklyn community. He's lured into becoming an Ecstasy dealer by a friend (Bartha) with ties to an Israeli drug cartel." The duo do their business in a club, and Danny Abeckaser (who has had bit parts in films like El Cantante and The Education of Charlie Banks) has been tapped to play the club's owner.

The film will be Kevin Asch's directorial feature debut, from a script by Antonio Macia. Unfortunately (or fortunately if you're looking for questionable material), Macia's first and lone screened writing credit (he also penned the upcoming Ego) is Anne B. Real -- which has the honor of being #9 on IMDb's Bottom 100 list. It has a user rating, out of 2,331 votes, of 1.7. That gives new meaning to flops and bad movies. But still, it has Eisenberg, so I'm holding out some hope. Maybe, at the very least, it'll be so bad that it's good?
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